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Cognitive Aging Labs

Hello, and welcome to City University?s online cognitive aging labs. This is where we run web-based tests to examine ageing, looking at how our different abilities withstand the aging process. As part of our research we invite people to have a go at our tests, which we always try to make fun and engaging. We always make sure we provide feedback either at the end of individual tests of when you have finished a whole set of tests, and give information about the things we?re studying, so you can learn more about ageing.


At the moment there are three tests you can complete here, each of which measures a different ability. Previous scientific research shows that the abilities measured by these tests are particularly prone to changing over the lifespan. You'll get a score from each of them, and once you've done all three, we'll give you feedback on how your performance compares with other people who've taken the tests, what it means, and we'll even give you a 'cognitive age' score, just for fun.


As well as giving some fun feedback to you at the end of these tests, by participating you'll also be contributing to scientific research. The data we collect from these tests will help us understand the way in which people's abilities change with age. So please try your best and respond honestly to any questions. All data we collect is anonymous - we won't ask you for anything that could identify you.


About you

Let us know a bit about yourself - not least your actual age.

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Memory Test: Faces and Names (5 minutes)

How well can you remember a face or a name? How often do you find yourself recognising someone but unable to remember their name? This test examines this effect by sending you to a virtual party, where you'll meet lots of people and be told their names. But at the end of it all, how well will you be able to remember them? Try this test to find out how you compare to other people your age.

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Reactions Test: Driving (4 minutes)

How fast are you at responding to things you see? How well can you ignore distractions and irrelevant information. You'll find out in this test. You play the role of a driver, and you'll see road signs with arrows pointing left or right. As quickly as possible you need to press 'D' if the arrow points left, or 'K' if it points right. You'll also have to ignore what might be other distracting arrows that will appear in the centre. See how well you do.

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Fluency: Joining the dots (3 minutes)

How easy do you find it to come up with new thoughts rather than repeating the same ones. This test asks you to join dots on the screen in as many different ways as possible, by clicking in the gaps between any two dots. You can draw as many lines as you like, with a minimum of one line, but make sure that each set of lines you draw if different from all the sets you've drawn before.

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