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The flexible brain challenge!

We?ve designed a task to test four key components of brain performance: speed, flexibility, memory and accuracy. This task will get you responding as quickly as you can while trying to avoid mistakes, control your behaviour, ignore irrelevant information and remember sequences of stimuli. At the end, you?ll get full feedback on your performance, as well as an overall final score.


We?re interested in the factors affecting people?s performance on these measures, and your participation will help our research into these issues. The results of this study will be used for scientific research purposes so please try to be as accurate as you can and answer any questions truthfully.


All you have to do is to look at arrows appearing on the screen, and then press a key to indicate which way they?re pointing. There are three blocks, each lasting 3-4 minutes, which get progressively harder. You?ll get instructions as you go along. We?ll also ask for some details about yourself (e.g. age, gender) so that we can accurately describe the people who participate in the task.


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