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Test your brain, help with research

This site hosts a number of online psychology tests and experiments run by staff and students here at City University London. Some of the tests are quick-fire measures of how fast you are to respond to different stimuli. Others are interested in your opinions or preferences in certain areas of academic interest. Most experiments give you detailed feedback on your performance at the end. Where this it not possible, you'll still receive general feedback on the aim of the research.


Active tests

Flexible Brain Image

Flexible brain challenge

How good are you at using your brain flexibly. Measures speed, accuracy, flexibility and memory.

Sad Face

Emotion and gender

Are you faster to detect a person's emotion or gender when you look at their face?


Cognitive ageing tests

A series of three varied tests to give you feedback on how well your brain is aging.

Tax picture

Taxing questions

A study looking at how people make decisions about how to split the tax burden.


All of these tests are collecting data, so please try your best, and answer as honestly as you can. If you have any questions, get in touch.